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What do we do now?

My son started asking me a new question about six weeks into the quarantine. The question is, “What do we do now?” He’s seeking an immediate answer, what’s next on the agenda here, MOM? Got a craft up your sleeve? Walk to the mailbox and look for Amazon boxes again? He never used to ask me that, as though I was the day’s cruise director. Maybe it’s just his age, but I feel like it’s because of the whole new reality. The pandemic, quarantine, stay at home, End of Days, whatever we are calling it.
The answer is obvious. The answer is I Have No Idea. Neither as to what we are going to do to entertain ourselves in the next hour or how we are going to move forward in this bizarre, seemingly unfriendly and restrictive new reality.I am extremely crabby about the new reality. I am not looking at the bright side and I am not relishing all the great online content for homeschooling. I like schools and I like teachers and I have no desire to become either of those things.I’m not oblivious to how …

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