Sunday, October 16, 2011

Top Three Reasons to Juice Vegetables

Full disclosure: I love juicing so much I threw a juicing party last night! As part of World Food Day and Blog Action Day  I want to share my love of fresh vegetable and fruit juicing with the world!

Get that juicer out of your closet, or hit up your neighbor down the hall to loan you theirs. Why, you ask? 

Me and My Beet Juice!

1. It’s Delicious

The light, sunny flavor of fresh vegetable juice is unparalleled. I invited some juicing newbies over last night and set up a juicer and a pile of produce. Although I know they were prepared to humor me, the phrase uttered the most was, “Wait, this is actually GOOD!”

It’s all about the combinations. Let your own tastes guide you, but I can tell you that a sweet potato, carrot, and ginger juice is a big winner. The raw sweet potato gives it a warm, almost creamy consistency.

My personal favorite is green juice with lots of kale, romaine, one lemon, and a chunk of pineapple to sweeten it up. It’s perfect energizer in the morning or after a particularly sweaty yoga class.

This isn’t like baking a soufflé where deviation from detail spells disaster. The reason I’m good at juicing (and you will be, too) is because it’s about large, broad strokes. The vague instruction, “lots of beet and a little pineapple” yields a perfectly balanced juice every time. 

Perfectly Formulated Fresh Juice

2. It's Super Healthy

In case you missed it – veggies are packed with high-quality nutrients! Juicing is a tasty way to get those veggies when you just can’t face another pan of sautéed kale.

Eating lots of brightly colored vegetables is associated with preventing cancer, preventing chronic disease, healthy weight loss and even making you happier.

For the vain among you, the easily absorbable vitamins in juice are good for your hair, your nails, your skin, and they even contain anti-aging properties. Check out facialist Joanna Vargass’s recipes. You already have the ingredients for her juices in your fridge and they are a lot cheaper than anti-wrinkle creams.

Plus, there just aren’t that many calories in a fresh veggie juice. Enjoy without holding back! 

Beautiful Annabelle loves her green juice!

3. It’s FUN. 

Shootin' Spinach Juice!

Seriously, there is something kind of astounding about putting a big, clunky cucumber into the top of a juicer and then tasting the light, elegant juice that pour out into your class. Who even knew cucumbers had such a distinctive taste?

Juicing gets to the essential flavors of individual vegetables that you kind of gloss over when everything is thrown into a big chopped salad. There is room for much creativity in juicing! A newbie brought me some bok choy last night. I was a little suspicious, but it ended up juicing into one of the top juices of the night: bok choy, pear, cucumber. A sophisticated, refreshing treat! (Thanks, Matt!)

This is not just for the ladies. I wouldn't tell you if it weren’t true – men love juicing. They don’t know it until you put a big whirring juice machine in front of them and tell them to start tossing carrots in. My husband now affectionately refers to our juicer as the Woodchipper. He also brings 32-ounce bottles of beet juice to work! 

Man Juicing

I'm starting a juice truck to bring fresh veggie juices to my community in the Washington, D.C. area. I can’t wait to share the love of juicing and I’d love to hear about YOUR favorite juices!  

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  1. I love this! Fantastic idea in an area that needs more O2 in the head! Spread the mighty and powerful chlorophyl throughout the beltway and hopefully, the power of green will clear up some of the fog in politics putting the food industry on the path which you are being a postive role model for!

    Good luck,