What do we do now?

Pandemic Entertainment:
Singing into a watering can
My son started asking me a new question about six weeks into the quarantine. The question is, “What do we do now?” He’s seeking an immediate answer, what’s next on the agenda here, MOM? Got a craft up your sleeve? Walk to the mailbox and look for Amazon boxes again? He never used to ask me that, as though I was the day’s cruise director. Maybe it’s just his age, but I feel like it’s because of the whole new reality. The pandemic, quarantine, stay at home, End of Days, whatever we are calling it.

The answer is obvious. The answer is I Have No Idea. Neither as to what we are going to do to entertain ourselves in the next hour or how we are going to move forward in this bizarre, seemingly unfriendly and restrictive new reality.


I am extremely crabby about the new reality. I am not looking at the bright side and I am not relishing all the great online content for homeschooling. I like schools and I like teachers and I have no desire to become either of those things.


I’m not oblivious to how great I have it. I have it very, very easy compared to so many people who are struggling. But, I still hate this new reality.




Waiting in line outside Whole Foods

Today I flew into a rage at Whole Foods. Someone told me to pull up my mask so it fully covered my nose and I got so angry.  It’s not that I don’t understand the rule or its purpose. I just hate someone calling me out, telling me what to do. Or maybe accusing me of doing the wrong thing – accusing me of being the person who is going to spread disease and harm another person. I got so mad so fast. Not that I flipped over a cart or anything, instead I walked away, pulled up the mask and said, “EXCUUUUUSE ME,” as I walked away. (“Great comeback,” said my wiseass husband).

I mean, even the joy of grocery shopping is gone. I used to love going to Whole Foods where everything is pretty and the possibilities of delicious food are endless, even though I always buy the exact same things. Sometimes, I even buy a coffee from the coffee bar to walk around with – JOY! I love doing that. The coffee bar is open now, but how the hell do I drink a coffee with a mask on? Also, how do I breathe with a mask on?


Now that I’ve admitted to being an angry lady in the grocery – let me tell you, I’m not the only one. I hate using the hiking trails near me, especially with my son, because every interaction is so fraught. People are angry and seem to relish accusing others of non-compliance. “Stay six feet away! That kid can’t sit that close to the edge of the trail!” Um, F-off and keep your dog’s nose out of my kid’s snack box, crackpot.


This morning, someone apologized to me for WEARING a mask in a fairly empty private office building where no one else was wearing one, including me. I of course told her that she certainly didn’t need to apologize to me. We agreed, no one knows what it means to wear a mask. Is it a political statement? An accusation? Did you just leave it in the car? Are you an evil person, lurking behind the secrecy of a mask? Hate. The. Masks.

I’m rebooting Yogaccino after a decade, a baby, another bar exam, new state, a new home.  I  don’t really know what it’s going to be about, except that it’s going to be about me, right now, and nobody else.

Pandemic Bike Ride With My Dad
Pandemic Bike Ride with my Dad